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DEFSEC is a boutique firm established in 2001 to service the unique investment and strategic advisory requirements of niche defence and security companies.  Since then, DEFSEC has raised more than $2 billion in equity and debt financings for client companies and helped them grow to become dominant players in their niche worldwide.


DEFSEC provides strategic added value by knowledgeably assisting client companies with creative financing, market positioning and market development, including access to international customers and collaborative relationships with larger defence and security companies.


DEFSEC’s main areas of subject matter experience and specialization over the years include

  • Small arms ammunition, pyrotechnics and simulations systems

  • Life systems, including shelters, field rations and clean water systems

  • Hard and soft armor

  • Surveillance, intelligence and counter-measures

  • Counter-IED, including Electronic Counter Measures 

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and Counter-UAS

  • Cyber security and intelligence


DEFSEC adds value by providing client companies with a range of services tailored to their circumstances and requirements, including:


  • Shaping strategic plans, including informed and realistic market positioning

  • Mentoring to management

  • Market development, including access to a worldwide network of proven agents and re-sellers

  • Strategic, collaborative relationships with larger defence and security companies, including technology licensing and supply arrangements, pull-through of client company products and services into the major programs of large defence contractors, and offset investments.

  • Deep diligence on target acquisitions or buyers.

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