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David E. Luxton, Founder and President

Mr. Luxton serves on the boards of international defence and security companies, including Ottawa-based Allen-Vanguard Corporation, a recognized global leader in electronic counter-measures. He led the strategic build-out of the company from 2011 - 2009 and has served as Chairman of the Board since 2010. 

He began his career as an infantry combat officer with the Canadian Army then served for several years as a senior public servant in various policy and management roles in Canada and in the UK, where he completed post-graduate studies at Oxford University. 


In 1990 Mr. Luxton founded Simunition, which remains the world leader in realistic close-quarters combat training (now owned by GD-OTS). In 2003 he founded DEFSEC Corporation, which specializes in investment and strategic advisory services for defence and security companies, with a strong focus today on intelligent tactical systems. 


Mr. Luxton also served for several years as a board member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI) and as Chair of Ottawa’s Defence & Security Economic Development Cluster at Invest Ottawa. 


He remains President and owner of DEFSEC Corporation and is a senior strategic advisor to the University of Ottawa and its Security and Policy Institute. He resides near Ottawa, Canada, where he is also an active philanthropist, with a special interest in supporting Canada’s veterans and their legacy.



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